Business Law Litigation Entertainmen
Business Law Litigation Entertainmen
Business Law Litigation Entertainmen
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Our Commitment to Excellent Service


Legal decision making is a collaborative process. Should we accept your case, you have our commitment that we will diligently work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.  


The hallmark of our practice is open and frequent communication with our clients.  We encourage clients to present issues to us before they become major problems so that we can focus on resolving them at an early stage.


Sometimes, however, preventive measures do not work or a particular issue will require a more aggressive posture in response to a provocation. That, of course, is where clear communications with our client comes into play. 


We carefully analyze our client's problem and jointly develop a strategy for cost effectively resolving the matter.  That does not necessarily mean that we file suit.  Sometimes prudence dictates that a less aggressive approach be used, but having a thoughtful analysis of the issues in hand is essential to this decision making process. And, you can rest assured, if litigation is the solution determined most likely to achieve a favorable result, we will be there with you to present your case in its best possible light. 





The Services We Provide Our Clients


We provide excellent services to our clients in a variety of areas.  These include, business law, business litigation, intellectual property law, entertainment law, real estate law and insurance law.  Our firm is fully prepared to handle your matter from beginning to end--whether it is the negotiation of an agreement, the documentation of a contract, the commencement of litigation, preparing for and conducting a trial or engaging in settlement discussions.


Over the years, we have handled matters of various sizes and complexity--from the simplest of legal issues to extremely complex lawsuits involving dozens of lawyers, hundreds of witness and millions of documents.  Our firm has done it all.


Because of the unique qualifications of our principal, W. Gary Kurtz, who has been practicing law since 1973, we are also able to provide additional specialized services to our clients.  Mr. Kurtz is not only a lawyer but is a licensed real estate broker and a licensed property and casualty insurance broker-agent.  We are thus able to provide added value and services to our client that may not be available in other law firms.

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